Walk of Fame honors San Francisco Music and Culture


Installed in the sidewalk in front of Music City SF at 1353 Bush Street, over 330 intricately connected, engraved bricks, embedded in the sidewalk of the Music City SF building, honors local legends, including many who may never received national recognition, for their place in the rich, diverse and innovative musical and cultural movements of the San Francisco Scene.

The Music City SF Walk of Fame celebrates the personalities, places and events that make up the community heritage of The City and the SF Bay Area.  From Beat Poets to the San Francisco Sound explosion of the late 1960’s to the artists of today will be enshrined. The continuous story is told brick-to-brick, section to section of the times, places, artists and performers.

The Bricks honor the Musicians, Poets, Poster Artists, Photographers, Concert Promoters and Venues that were the nexus of these famous communities, all of which are part of the pattern of the Music City SF Walk of Fame.  Names will be added in a living and growing tribute.

  • Kris Hendrickson Testanier

    Caroliner Rainbow The Singing Bull of the 1800’s should be added! An Institution of underground San Francisco culture!

  • Edward Jennings

    Outasite, must visit and drink this all in. Thanks for creating this living sidewalk of San Francisco’s contribution to the arts!

  • Ann Rudder

    Hi Congratulations ! I am Annie Rudder as one of two secretaries, I assisted in the creativity of the Santana Abraxas. If dialogue is requested you may message me on facebook as Ann Rudder

    Currently sharing previously unused photo (considered as poster) by Richard Avedon

  • Denise Halbe

    John Cipollina!